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Composite oxide pigments are inorganic pigments in which multiple metal oxides are chemically linked together. Synthesized by high-temperature sintering, they are colorants that combine exceptional chemical properties.

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IRR Pigment

These pigments reflect light in the near-infrared region, and are expected to have an excellent heat shielding effect. We offer Fe-Cr pigments with excellent solar reflectance and durability, and chrome-free Mn-Bi pigments.

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Color Chart

We offer pigments in a wide range of hues, including copper chromium manganese black, titanium yellow, and cobalt blue.

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The production process of composite oxide pigments is introduced here.

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They are used not only for general coloring applications such as inks, paints, and plastics, but also for coloring materials used under harsh conditions such as glass, heat-resistant paints, and fluoropolymers due to their chemical stability.

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About us

Our company was established in April 1970. Since then, as an inorganic pigment manufacturer, we have developed from research and production of cobalt- and titanium-based pigments to the manufacture of functional materials and electronic materials in a diversified manner.We will continue to strive to contribute to society through "color" by researching and developing high quality products and improving our technology.

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High quality

Quality is strictly controlled from raw materials. In the manufacturing process, we conduct multiple quality inspections by controlling hue and physical properties. Only products that have passed strict inspections are shipped as finished products, so you can use our products with peace of mind.

Customized pigments

In addition to the dry production method, we also have a wet plant, which allows us to freely change composition, adjust particle size, modify pigment surfaces, etc. according to user requirements.

Weathering Test Laboratory in Okinawa

In May 2004, we became the first composite oxide pigment (CICP) manufacturer to open a weathering test laboratory in Okinawa.We are able to conduct weathering tests on various specimens including coated panels.